We are always learning, Part 2

Now that I told you my story on the first part of this post, let me tell you how connects with Archery.

As a coach, I spent most of my time teaching, and not as much as I should practicing. As a coach, I could sit in my high throne, and decide that I know all there is to know about archery. As a coach, I could decide that I don´t need to learn anything else. Three problems there: First, you are letting your ego getting in the way of your learning. Second, we  we have a blind spot and we don´t see all we are doing or what we are doing wrong, and third, when we practice, we like to practice what we know how to do well instead of what we need to improve (coming back to point one again).

No, we don´k know everything there is to it. You are coming to a class because you want to learn something. Listen to the instructor, you are not born knowing how to drive and how to shoot.  And the difference between an amateur and a professional is that the amateur practices what he does right, and the professional practices until he or she can´t do it wrong.

You mix all this and you have a big problem brewing, because  you don´t know what you are doing, you can´t always see what you are doing, and sometimes, even if you see what you are doing, and you know that you are doing wrong, you will not want to recognize it because a guy/gal as good as you makes no mistakes… I´m not going to lie to you. If that is you, and you are one of my students, it´s great for me. You will not improve and you´ll need to pay me for more classes. Me? I want to learn. That is why I go to other coaches with more experience than me, and ask them to asses me and let me know what I am doing wrong and where I need to improve. Because I am alive.  Leave your ego at the door.

Stay alive!


About losangelesarchery

Alejandro is an Archery Instructor in LA. Coaches & Shoots at Rancho Park Archery Range.
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