Sport Science, Archery and Stance

One of the most complicated things to explain to a new archery student is the importance of stance. The tendency in modern archery is to use natural body stance and natural body positions. The idea being, using the least amount of strength possible, and come into easy repeatable positions, so that consistency can be maintained.

For FITA or Olympic style archery, the archer stands with one foot over the line, keeping the feet shoulder-width, with the bow arm foot forward. The shoulders stay back and down, and the head up. What I like to tell my students is to think of this position as if you were a puppet and someone is pulling you with a string connected to the top of your head.

If you were to draw a line from the top of your head to the line between your feet, that line will go from the top of your feet, to your navel, to the line between your feet.

When holding the bow, the archer keeps the elbow slightly bent, the same position it would take when relaxing the arm at your side. That will put you in such alignment that your bone structure will hold the bow in place when you are ready to shoot….I can go like this for ever, or I can show you a video of Brady Ellison, member of the US Olympic Archery Team mady by ESPN…


About losangelesarchery

Alejandro is an Archery Instructor in LA. Coaches & Shoots at Rancho Park Archery Range.
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