People who need peope, part two

If you come to the archery range at Rancho Park, you´ll see that we have kind of a loose organization there. We don´t have a single Range Master or a single RSO or Range Safety Officer. We don´t have a single individual in charge of a single thing, and we don´t have people with important-sounding titles. I´m not saying that that´s the best way to run the range, but it works, more or less.

The idea is that everybody is responsible for the range. The idea is that nobody can say that what happens at the range while they are at the range it´s not their business, because it is everybody´s business.

If there is something broken, or there is something that needs to be done, people at this range take ownership and do what has to be done.

We have a group or thirty or forty volunteers running and teaching the free archery classes every week. We have people watering the plants and beautifying the range, both by their presence at the range, and by their efforts of making the range a better place. We have people cleaning the bin, repairing bows and arrows, fixing the armguards. We have people repairing the wall on their spare time both in groups and individuals (Thanks Ian). You will see people cleaning the rotten figs from the ground and using the push broom to clean all the shooting lines. Because nobody is responsible, everybody is responsible. We don´t have a Range Officer at the range because everybody is a range officer of the range.

Thank you to everybody who volunteers and/or helps at the range. You definitively make the world a better place. You know who you are.

Stay safe.


About losangelesarchery

Alejandro is an Archery Instructor in LA. Coaches & Shoots at Rancho Park Archery Range.
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