Robin Hood, the movie

I went to the movies last week to see Robin Hood. I suppose that by this time most of you might have seen it already, but if not [SPOILER ALERT] stop reading immediately.

Now, the good news is that it is nothing like Kevin Costner´s version of Robin Hood. As a matter of fact it is not like the versions made by Disney, with Errol Flynn, or by Mel Brooks (Men in Tights is the best spoof song ever!)

The story is kind of a prequel to the traditional Robin Hood story that we all know. It tells what happened to Robin Hood to transform him into the outlaw living in Sherwood Forest with his Merry Men.

From a historical point of view, the story is pretty close to the facts, and you can see that the research they did was very thorough. Every thing goes nice and dandy for a while, until such moments when for example Ridley Scott decides to forget all historical research and stage a Second World War-style landing in the coast of England using oar-powered Higgins Boats (LCVP or Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personal). I swear for a second there I was expecting Tom Hanks jumping out of the boat and run towards the cliff face attacking the German pillboxes.

Beyond that, it is an entertaining movie, but for a movie titled Robin Hood, there is not enough archery!


About losangelesarchery

Alejandro is an Archery Instructor in LA. Coaches & Shoots at Rancho Park Archery Range.
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