Archery Summer Camp

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I got a couple of parents asking if there is going to be a summer camp for kids this summer. The answer is yes, but i need to have a minimum of 5 participants.

The camp will run twice a week in the mornings.

Contact me at


About losangelesarchery

Alejandro is an Archery Instructor in LA. Coaches & Shoots at Rancho Park Archery Range.
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3 Responses to Archery Summer Camp

  1. Laurie D. Muslow says:

    would like to take an archery class…
    where is the nearest place for me and how much does it cost?
    My phone number is : 818/xxx-xxxx

    Thanks you so much, LDM

  2. Danny dungo says:

    Can i shoot airbow?

    • Hi Danilo,
      The range is currently closed for renovations. Nevertheless, crossbows and airbows are not generally allowed in most ranges due to the fact that they can shoot through the backstops.

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